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The Weakest Golem by Andres De Mingo

Andres de Mingo explains how he broke the animated Golem in dynamics and other technical details about this funny shot.
Minas Tirith Building previz

 Julien Chiari tell us his experience using Pulldownit and Phoenix plugins in 3dMax for his destruction tests inspired by Minas Tirith.
Alleyway destruction by Ivan de Frias

 In this article Ivan explains some highlights about the making of this awesome destruction shot using Pulldownit 3 in Max.
Mini Destrucion Shot by Damiano Moltisanti

Damiano Moltisanti shares an awesome case study about his "Mini destruction shot" using Pulldownit and Maya fluids.
POSSESSED BED by Guillaume Hoffmann

Guillaume Hoffmann have done a very creative shot with Maya and Pulldownit, he reveals many technical details in this case study:
Wineglass breaking and fluids by Jordi Alavedra

 Jordi Alavedra tell us his experience in combining Pulldownit with liquids in this case study
Ice Cavern by Pedro Ivan de Frias

Pedro Ivas de Frias shares with us the making of his clip "The Cave of Buddhas" where he uses Pulldownit for breaking Ice.
Building Collapse by Ivan Khmel

 Ivan Khmel explain details about his appealing building destruction shot using Pdi in Maya. Thanks Ivan, nice work and case study
Westminster Abbey collapses

 Impressive shot of the Westminster Abbey destruction integrally done using Pulldownit plugin in Maya by our team.

Pdi and Maya fluids get along very well, lots of details about production in the case study, take a look!
Atomium collapses by Przem Szcharczuk

No worries, Atomium building is still there ,  it is just a great CG  job by our friend Przem Sacharczuck using Pulldownit plugin in Maya. He kindly explain some details about production in this article.

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