About Us

Pulldownit development started in 2009 in the context of a project to demolish digitally the Acueducto of Segovia ( Spain) in a realistic and credible way without using real models at all, this was a great challenge at that moment. The shot was finished and published on the internet, having an unexpected impact among social networks. Thinkinetic brand was created after that to offer digitals tools and simulation services to the computer graphics community.

Since it first release Pulldownit plugin has been pioneering in the recent field of Cg destruction:

In 2009 Pulldownit demostrated a massive system of rigid bodies with constraints was able to compute believable  destruction effects faster than any other method.

In 2012 Pulldownit included the ability to add roughness to Voronoi fragments, removing in this way the lack of realism of flat faces after shattering.

In 2014 Pulldownit introduced Conform Voronoi Reshattering, getting rid of the unnatural straight borders with previous fragments when reshattering a model in a selected area.

In 2018 Pulldownit introduced a new jaggy method independent of original mesh tesellation, making the poly-count and roughness look of cut faces in hi-poly models similar to those of low-poly geometry .

In 2021 Pulldownit introduced Bounded Cracks, a clever computation method to create quickly stress cracks over polygonal models  and easilly controllable by 3D artists.

In 2023 Pulldownit introduced jaggy "Assymetric tesselation". this new tessellation mode generates nearly 50% fewer polygons with a similar look of rough faces.

Currently Pulldownit plugin is available for 3D Max and Maya under Windows and Macos systems and has been used in many productions all around the world. We hope Cg artists appreciate our technology and continue growing as a company providing digital tools for the 3D community.