Tutorials PDI Maya
Export PDI to Alembic

Show how to export a PDi destruction model  to Alembic Cache as a single mesh in Maya

Level: Basic

Vertex Color Shatter

Learn how to shatter a model by painting vertex colors on it

LEVEL: Medium

Breaking 3D text

Diferent effects for breaking 3D Letters

LEVEL: Medium

PDI dynamics from Maya to UE4

 follow this tutorial to learn how to add quality destruction effects into your game with UE4

LEVEL: Advanced

Shatter preview & Clusters

Review of the new shatter preview an fracture cluster in Pulldownit


Destroying the scenery with Pulldownit

tutorial about cracking ground and breaking obstacles with an animated object using Pulldownit

Level: Medium

Using Crackers

Review of the new crackers window in Pulldownit

Level: Basic

Breaking a Cabin

Breaking a cabin using activation and advanced fractures

LEVEL: Medium

T-REX breaking a wooden door

Showing how to make an animated T-Rex destroy a door in wood splinters.

Facade destruction

Showing how to crack a facade and break windows with Pulldownit plugin.

LEVEL: advenced

Installing PDI on OS X Maya

Step by step video tutorial to install Pulldownit plugin in Maya MACOS X by Silent City.

LEVEL: basic

Building demolition Previz

This is probably the simplest tutorial you can find to demolish a big building, this is because Pulldownit is designed specifically for this task, we will do it in Maya introducing fracture bodies, and local and continuous propagation schemes. level:medium

Using Force Fields

Make force fields like vortex or newton interact with dynamics bodies