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Force Fields support 18-01-2010
Make wind, bombs, attractors, turbulence or custom force fields interact with dynamics objects.
Pulldownit pro Max version has been updated with support for force fields( space warps) , now you can make Wind, Bomb, Atractors and any custom force field interact with Pdi bodies or fracture bodies. Here a demo video showing this new feature,

Maya version has supported force fields from the very beginning, in the forum you can see a commercial clip using lots of force fileds in Maya.
New path-based shatter 19-10-2009

Shatter it! includes now a new path-based style.

A new path-based style has been added to Shatter it!, it is specially suited for generating long cracks. Take a look to this tutorial showing this new feature in action,

 Max version,

and Maya, 




Pdi Pro available for Maya 2010 29-09-2009

Enjoy Pulldownit with the latest release of Maya

Pulldownit Pro is already available for Maya 2010, shatter it is still included in the distribution.
Shatter It!, new precutting tool 13-07-2009
Shatter it!, the Voronoi-based precutting tool of Pulldownit.

We are proud to introduce Shatter It!, the Voronoi-based precutting tool of Pulldownit already avaliable for Max and Maya.

You can find a demo tutorial for Maya here,

and equaly for Max in this link,

The demo version is online, visit our forum to know more.



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