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Character-Environment destruction! 15-02-2011
Get stunning destruction with your animated models using Pulldownit plugin.

Andres de Mingo have done some stunning demos about character-environment destruction using Pulldownit Pro plugin in Max and Maya,

Make these effects possible using  Pulldownit plugin in a pretty easy way,learn more in this case study by the author:

Online shop is ready! 27-01-2011

You can already purchase Pulldownit Pro in our online shop.

If you like Pulldownit free version, you are going to love the Pro version including the Shatter it! tool and many other powerfull features for dynamics and fracture, you can buy it already in our online shop:


Make your Previz fast! 15-11-2010
Using Pulldownit you can get your demolition previz done in minutes

Pulldownit solver is so fast computing that allows users to have demolition and fracture previz done  in a few minutes. See this video showing a series of building demolitions previz :

 Learn how Pulldownit plugin can help you in your motion planning, and camera placement with this real-time previz tutorial:

For Max:

For Maya: 

really you think you can find something better?

Pulldownit Pro Update One available 05-10-2010
The first update to Pulldownit 1.5

The first update to Pulldownit pro 1.5 is already available, it counts with some fixes and new improvements, specially a near 100 times faster shatter tool for hi-poly models, while the ability to shatter shell models remains the same, that means shattering objects with more than 50k faces in seconds.

Here more info and demos:


The full list of fixes an updates :




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