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Creative Crash
Great site with lot of resources, free script and plugins, you can download the pulldownit free version here too.
CG Plugins

Great repository to search for plugins for 3DS Max, Maya and many more

 You can find there listed almost all Max plugins with regular updates,Thinkineic Pulldownit is listed in Utility category
CG news and very useful MAX tutorials en español! You can find exclusive Pulldownit tutorials there
CG Press

Find here all  latest CG news specially for 3d Max and After Effects, layout in a friendly format for mobile

Toolfarm is a leading reseller of visual effects software,  you can find latest Cg news  and  quality tutorials in his web site

Find all information about Pulldownit in Japanese, you can purchase it in a japanese shop aswell. Brought to you by our reseller IndyZone.

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