Animation friendly

We realize that dynamics for VFX is just a necessary step to animation keys which are extremely difficult to obtain by hand. Many times we have wondered why usually dynamics solvers demand hard constraints in the way simulations must be set, forcing animators to modify their scenes in an awkward fashion which lead to collateral issues. Being aware of this, our aim is to fit in the animator’s workflow never the opposite. Pdi! takes the geometry from the viewports “as-is”, special care has been taken with parenting relationships, mesh modifiers and pivot offsets as we know they all are frequent source of problems.

The natural unpredictability of dynamics simulation makes necessary to play with the parameters back and forward until reaching the desired result, Pdi! not only allows to reset simulation an start again as many as needed but also pause it at any frame, tweaking parameters and resume computing. Force fields as wind, turbulence, attractors os custom ones are supported by pdi solver in dynamics.

Finally as it is usual to have scenes in which animated characters interacts with their environment in a physically believable way, Pdi! allows dynamic response between key framed objects or deform meshes and the simulated ones.

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