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LMU Belltower destruction

John Bashyam and friends made this stunning shot combining Pulldownit plugin with particles in Maya and After Effects composition
Thinkinetic Logo Mountain earthquake

Pedro Ivan de Frias tell us some technical details about destroying a big 3D mountain using PDI
Office Towers Collapsing by Boris Bruchhaus

Boris Bruchhaus did this impressive clip with Pulldownit in Maya, he kindly shares some details with us.
Meteor strikes at St. Pancras station by Luis Tejeda

Hey, no worries, it isnt real, actually Luis Tejeda did this impressive scene with Pulldownit in 3D Max, in this article, he kindly share some details with us.
Rewind: Bach in the days teaser by TENAS

TENAS tell us the use of Pulldownit in his music clip for Rewind
Battle:London Winner Igor Gonzalez

 In this article Igor tell us how he managed to got his great clip, wiiner of VFXLearning Battle-London competition.
Akropolis by Christoph Saalfeld

Interview with Christoph Saalfeld explaining the use of Pulldownit in his project Akropolis
Wineglass breaking by Luis Tejeda

Luis tejeda explains how he did this stunning shot with Pulldownit
Open MAC confererence by Ian Zeigler

Brief interview with IanZeigler about the making of his stunning Open MAC shots using Pulldownit Macos version
Character-environment demos review

Review of the character-environment destrution demos by Andres de Mingo

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