Shatter It!, Voronoi-based pre-cutting

The current pre-cutting tools in most 3D platform consist basically in clipping planes and fill holes modifiers; this could be enough for modelling purposes, but definitively quite poor for dynamics where you would like to pre-fracture an object in hundreds of shards to obtain believable results when simulating.

Shatter It!, the new pre-cutting tool by Thinkinetic, is designed thinking in dynamics needs; it is Voronoi-based because this scheme has showed to be the best mathematical pattern for brittle fracture. Its workflow is surprisingly easy, just select a polygonal object from the viewport, input the desired number of fragments and hit Shatter It! button, concavity or holes are not and issue anymore; Its technology is able to pre-fracture a high resolution model with fine detail in seconds. In addition, uv mapping is also supported.

Although ShatterIt! can be used independently of the rest of the plug-in, Its mayor advantages comes when simulating the prefractured object with the Pulldownit solver; the shards created plug easily in dynamics, also knowing Voronoi scheme generates mostly convex shards, Pdi takes advantage of this fact to speed up the computation of fracture.

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